Accommodation in Pokhara, organized Safari,Paragliding

About Us

Hi my name is John Mitchell.

I live in Pokhara with my wife Maya and son Camron.

We run the “Hotel Garden” in a beautiful part of the world Pokhara Nepal.

The hotel was built in 1970 and is of modern construction with beautiful views of the mountains.

Which can be viewed in the morning on the roof terrace, where you can see “Fish Tail mountain”

So image your morning, sitting up on top of the roof terrace.

Then the  pan cakes arrives with local honey with a Latte Coffee.

Sit back and get ready for the show of your life, the mountains change to an almost golden color as if the mountains are wrapped in golden foil!

Next your need a hot shower which all rooms have.

You might have planned a Trip with Amer the hammer who is Nepal born and knows all the hot spots.

Could be your here to fly, then John Mitchell will be your man and take you to take off and be your guide.

Looking for an in-depth instruction on flying here, then your need Rob Chisholm of


What I suggest is you look around our main site below of Hotel Garden, many first class quality images of the places we can take you.


Go through the image gallery and see what Nepal has to offer.

Pick ups from Airports are arranged in advance – please remember Nepal not like any other place you may have visited.


John and Maya pride themselves on accommodating to the highest standards in hygiene  – cleanliness – and above all happy customers that come back time again.

Have a look at my web site, click here


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