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2012 What Will You Be Up To ?

Dec 2011 ended with the visiting pilots from H/G having visited Diki Danda, Bandipur, Sirkot, Korchon.  Flying conditions  were not epic but flyable none the less, over the passed 14 days  sarankot has been ok  blue days mostly , inversion  over the pokhara valley, tandems working but late solo acivatie  mid to late afternoon , the green wall has been achievable .

So now were into

Jan 1st  and guess what  thick cloud cover and no Sarankot in sight  from hotel roof. .

2nd 3rd and 4th see`s rain in the afternoon and evening ,

1st trip of the yr from Sirkot was  4 pilots from FINLAND and 1 from UK .


But have to say that  Silvio  from Madrid  had the best run of December  Korchon &  Sirkot. now he`s off to Columbia for the competition , good luck Silvio.


So lets hope the weather starts to change for the better




Silvio Zugarini

Just got back from Pokhara..what an amazing place to is a little video teaser (english comentary) ..the place offers a lot of possibilities for some epic bivuac flying not just soaring Sarankgot.
Conditions in December were quite weak but in February it must be really good!

I stayed at the Hotel Garden (
and can recommend this hotel. Very friendly and very helpful staff, really enjoyed my stay there.