Accommodation in Pokhara, organized Safari,Paragliding

Bandipur Pirates

John Mitchell in Nepal.



Re pack


Comments on: "Bandipur Pirates" (2)

  1. well that was last wk as you can see everyone was on the ball and enjoyed the trip, this wk is a lot different ,since we returned from from bandipur , all its done is rained , forecast is not looking much better , so flying sarankot is not epic this wk..
    one new pilot arrived from uk southern club pilot ‘Laurie” and “Ari” a pilot from Indonesia.
    and “john” also a southern club pilot , but we also had to say farewell to Brendon from Australia.
    for me its nice to see that trip adviser and the paragliding forum , get information around.

    stay safe
    fly easy
    and if your not doing it for fun then your doing it for the wrong reason

  2. John,

    Truly love the new wing!! Looks great in the pics with the beautiful scenery! Hope you’re having fun with it ;-)))

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